Globug LED Light - W/Cart Only

Steerable cart design for easy transportation - sets up without tools; easy to maneuver. Safely supports the addition portable generators for off-site operations. Quick restrike time - @ 10 minutes. Universally adaptable to all AC power supplies - accepts 50/60Hz, 115V. Cart and 3-stage mast - extends up to 11'. Cart provides three outriggers for safe unit stabilization. Small compact footprint makes it easy to transport. System can be broken down and positioned in the bed of a truck. All terrain designed tires. Light coverage up to 150 feet. (does not include Generator)
SKU: 8183
/day or weekend

Weekends Count as One day.

One-day minimum.

Rent 4-6 days per week,pay only for 2.5!

1 Week @ $325.00
1 Day @ $130.00


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