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Profoto - Clear Pyrex Dome

- Clear UV Pyrex - 100MM - For Pro-Twin Bitube Head and Acute Flash Heads - Handles Lamps up to 500W
$25.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Hard Box Reflector

As a counterpart to the widely used Softboxes, the HardBox is a unique light shaping tool that reduces the size of the light source to a minimum to create an extremely crisp, direct light. In addition, the Profoto HardBox efficiently eliminates stray light, offering optimal control even in the narrowest studios.
$35.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - A10 AirTTL Sony Pack

Profoto A10 for Sony - Includes 1 Battery and Charger
$60.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - B1 OFC Reflector

$10.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Beauty Dish Silver

The center disc that blocks out the direct light can be replaced by an optional semi-opaque opal glass disc to create a center hot spot which also eliminates a donut-hole effect in specular highlights. Each reflector can be supplemented by a honeycomb grid to create soft, toned-down edge-lighting. The optional Softlight Grid accessory yields 10° coverage for more directed light.
$20.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Beauty Dish Sock 21”

$3.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Beauty Dish White

The clue is in the name – beauty dish. That’s because the unique light it creates is perfectly suited to bring out the beauty of the subject. Creamy, yet crisp light that feels completely natural makes the Softlight Reflector perfect for people photography. The resulting effect is a pristine, natural look with slightly accentuated shadows that is ideal for portraits and fashion photography. The white version delivers a softer and slightly more even light than its silver counterpart that brings more punch and contrast. You can use both with all Profoto lights. Features Creates a classic beauty light. Light spread: 65° at position 4 on ProHead. Output at 2 m with 2400Ws @ ISO100: f/32.4 at zoom position 4 (on ProHead). Designed for years of everyday use. Compatible with all Profoto lights.
$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Cine Reflector w/ 5 Lenses, Barndoor

The kit includes a reflector, five lenses, one Barndoor that are perfect for controlling the light in your studio. The reflector is designed to be used with Profoto lights and provides a large, soft light source that is perfect for portrait and product photography.
$150.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Clic Grid & Gel Kit

Includes Grid, Wide Lens, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, B Card.
$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Disc Reflector

$5.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Grid & Filter Holder

$10.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Magnum Reflector w/ bag

The Magnum Reflector increases light output by one f-stop compared to the standard Zoom Reflector while maintaining a flooded light. As a result, the Magnum is a natural choice when you want smooth and even light with maximum output. Features Features Profoto’s unique zoom function – shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head. Light spread adjustable 25-50⁰ on ProHead. Max light output at 2 m with 2400Ws @ ISO100: f/128.1 (on ProHead). Expand its versatility even further with optional accessories such as grids, barndoors and ProTube. Designed for years of professional use.
$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Magnum Sock

$3.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - OCF BarnDoors

The OCF Barndoor is a compact and portable light shaping tool that gives you precise control of the light spread. The four barndoors can be adjusted individually and can be rotated 360° on the flash head, allowing you to control and shape the light in many ways.
$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - OCF Egg Crate 2x3

$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - OCF Magnum

$20.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - OCF Snoot

Snoot for OCF Flash Heads from Profoto is a lightweight glass fiber composite light-shaper that narrows the B2 Off-Camera Flash Head's beam into a soft-edged circle that can be used as a hair light or to add a crisp quality to a portrait. Part of the OCF (Off-Camera Flash) system, it can also be used with the B1 Off-Camera Flash Head and in conjunction with the OCF grids. Product Highlights For B2 and B1 Off-Camera Flash Heads Narrows Beam into a Soft-edged Circle Can be Used with OCF Grids
$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - OCF SoftBox 2x3

$20.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector 7”

If you’re looking for a way to use 7’’ grids from another manufacturer, the Seven Inch Grid Reflector is the best solution. Features: Max light output at 2 m with 2400 Ws @ ISO 100: f/64.1 (on ProHead).
$5.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Barn Doors 7”

-Fits Compacts and Profoto heads -Made from industrial grade materials -Fits on standard zoom reflector -Barn Door 4-sided for the Profoto Zoom Reflector.
$12.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector for Ring Flash - White or Silver

Broadens and softens the light output. Also known as a "Beauty Dish", it is excellent for close-up portraiture.
$25.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Globe w/ bag

The ProGlobe gives a soft 360° surrounding light similar to a bare bulb effect. Incl. Mounting Ring for Pro lamp heads. *Reflector/Accessory cannot be used with ProDaylight and ProTungsten Head. The ProGlobe gives a surrounding light, similar to a bare bulb effect or, if mounted high up, like a street lamp source. It can also be used as background lighting or placed underneath a photography table. The ProGlobe comes either with mountings to attach softboxes, or with lock springs to custom mount on softbox speed ring mounts.
$30.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Mola 33”

Captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. It is shaped to intercept all paths of light, no matter which direction they leave the flash tube, and redirect them toward the subject. It has a white reflective surface. Its size works well for portraits, and mounts to your strobe head via a separately purchased Chimera, Photoflex, or other brand speed ring. Creates an even core of light surrounded by a smoothly graduated feathered edge: about a half a stop difference from the center to outer edge.
$70.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Narrow Beam w/ bag

The Narrow Beam Reflector is designed for use on Profoto flash heads. To achieve even more precise control over the direction of light, the reflector can be extended by the ProTube, and equipped with a Honeycomb Grid. Provides a beam spread of 32°.
$10.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Snoot

For use with the Profoto grid holder and is locked in place by the filter holder. Snoots, Barndoors, Grids, and Filters are essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape, intensity, or color of the light output from your flash heads. Use of a snoot will result in a small circle of light when it is attached to the front of your light source. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the opening of the snoot, its length, and the distance of the subject.
$15.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Telezoom w/ bag

Similar in lighting quality to the standard zoom reflector, but it has a narrower beam spread and allows a further throw of the light output from a Profoto flash head. Provides a beam spread of 20-30° depending on positioning on the flash head.
$50.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Widezoom w/ bag

Is a focusable reflector for very even illumination from 70 - 40°, with slightly modulated shadows.
$30.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto - Reflector Zoom 2 or New

- Accepts Profoto Grids Directly - Smoother Spread of Light
$10.00 per 1 day(s)

Profoto- Reflector OCF Zoom Reflector

-Adjustable 55-85° Beam Angle -1.2 Stops More than Built-In Reflector Maximum Wattage: - 1000 W (Cool Lights) - 300 W (Hot Lights)
$10.00 per 1 day(s)