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How a blog can help your growing e-Commerce business

When you start an online business, your main aim is to sell the products, right? As a business owner, you want to showcase your store to more audience. So, you decide to go on social media, why? Because everyone is doing it, then why shouldn’t you? It is tempting as everyone is aware of the hype that it is the best way to market your brand.

Do you know having a blog for your online store can be very helpful? Many businesses do not understand the importance of having a blog because they don’t have time to post quality content.

Today, we will talk about how a blog can play an important role for the growth of your e-Commerce business. Later, we will also discuss some tips that will be helpful to you for writing business related blog posts.

1) Blog is useful in educating your customers

Blogging is one of the best way by which you can educate your customers about your products/services that you offer. This helps you as a business owner to bring more value to your brand. When you provide useful information to the customers about your products, they are more likely to buy products from you. You can use your blog for providing tutorials in regard to the use of your products.

For example: If you have an online store that offers computer parts. You can write tutorials about how to build a computer or how to make your computer’s performance better. While talking about these things, you can mention products in the tutorials and provide link to your products within the blog post from your website. Your potential customers might get different ideas of using your product and will likely to buy products from your online store.

2) Blog helps your business in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blog posts create more internal links to your website which helps a lot in SEO. Blog is a great way to have quality content on your website related to your products/services which is indexed by all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more original content you write in your blog post, the better ranking you will get in search engines. SEO is an on-going process and posting blog posts regularly keeps your site active all the time which is beneficial when it comes to search engine optimization.

For example: Let’s say you sell “Sony Television Model XYZ” and you regularly publish blog posts about your product. Now, whenever someone searches for “Sony Television Model XYZ”, Google will crawl on your website knowing that you have something to do with this particular product. Hence, your website will show up on the search result page whenever this item is being searched.

3) Blog helps in boosting your sales by convincing the potential customers to buy

If you own an online business, there are so many ways you can share different stories with your audience in regard your products/services that you offer. Talk about how you started your business, share stories that educate your audience about what’s new in your industry, share stories about how your product/service was beneficial to someone or share anything that you think your audience might find interesting (it does not have to be related to your product). This kind of blogging shows that you are an expert in your industry and interested in educating your audience. It sets you apart in the competitive market. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise by educating the visitors and it can turn your audience into buyers.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 92% of companies who decided to blog acquired customers through their blog?

nopCommerce is great e-Commerce solution that also offers a variety of CMS features including blog. A store owner has full access for managing the blog posts and related comments.

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